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An error appears when trying to configure the workflow start event



You are unable to configure a "Start Event" for a SharePoint integrated process when using the HTML 5 Workflow Designer.


There is a workflow that was started using a SharePoint remote event receiver: (OnItemEdit). After changing the start event to use the "edit form submit", something went wrong. At time of writing, we are unable to reproduce the issue, and we are unsure about how we got into this state. (We tested both the SilverLight and HTML5 Designers, but to no avail.)

When trying to configure the "Start Event" in the HTML 5 Designer, the following error appeared:

Only one start integration to a SharePoint integrated form or SharePoint event is supported per workflow. Please remove the existing SharePoint start integration and try again.



K2 fires the following SmartObject call (using the workflow name as an input), to see if there is already a workflow with that name:
- System > SharePoint 2013 Integration > SharePoint Integration Workflow > LoadsWithWorkflowName.

If a value is returned then the workflow exists, and it will prevent you from creating a new one with the same name. After digging through the SharePoint integration tables, there was an "orphaned" entry for the workflow in the "[Integration].[ProcessSharePointWorkflow]" table. To be safe, rename the entry first, and you should be able to configure the start event after that. Once confirmed all was working correctly, the entry was deleted.