The Rise of the Citizen Developer, Part 2


  • 6/13/2018 10:00 AM (UTC)
  • 6/13/2018 11:00 AM (UTC)

Breaking the Backlog in Business App Development: 5 Steps to Building a Successful Citizen Developer Program

As technology advances and becomes more accessible to non-technical users, responsibility for developing business applications is increasingly moving out of IT and into the lines of business - giving rise to the so-called “citizen developer” movement.

IT organizations that are embracing citizen development are reaping the rewards of moving up the stack. By offloading some of the application development burden to their tech-savvy business users, IT resources are freed up to focus on more complex projects and applications that will positively impact revenue and the bottom line.

As with any new organizational model, however, success requires negotiating new roles, responsibilities, challenges and opportunities. Join K2’s Glen Bryant for part 2 of our citizen development webinar series as we dive into what it takes to build a successful citizen developer program - covering approach, implementation, and tooling.

Rooted in real-life customer examples, Glen will explore:

  • The importance of selecting the right personas and projects
  • How to build the foundational support modelof a citizen developer program in five key steps
  • Real customer outcomes and measuring success


The Rise of the Citizen Developer, Part 2

Glen Bryant

VP, Global Account Management

 Glen is responsible for global account management across the worldwide K2 business. Over the past decade, he has held numerous roles with K2, spanning business development, sales and general management. Based in Denver, Colorado, he is a fan of Football, Food and Fly-fishing. His charter at K2 is to execute on a data driven strategy to see every customer, build every application on K2.